Thursday, June 10, 2010

Allen's thoughts about meeting Nadia!

As you can see Nadia has an odd habbit of trying to grab your jugular while you are trying to hold her.
If you haven't noticed by my expression it tickles alot.

She is also a major hugger. As soon as you start holding her she immediatly wraps her arms around your neck and puts her head on your shoulder.

Nadia is obsessed with hands and loves to  clap them together. When you stop clapping her hands she grabs your hands and claps them together. (Clapping her hands is also the way we get her to stop licking us haha).

(If you haven't already read Michael's thoughts on meeting Nadia, see the previous post. )


  1. LOL! Wow, what great pictures and you really know how to get the laughs with your comments, Allen! So adorable and we just can NOT wait until we can enjoy all of you here in PA--can't wait to show the boys when they get back from school. They were able to see Michael's post before they left.I'm sure Nonna has already shown Josi and Marin!!! :) Have so much fun!! Love you guys!!--aunt nic

  2. How absolutely wonderful, guys! She is just as precious as can be...such a sweetie pie.

    Thanks for posting all the great pics...please keep them coming. So happy for your family.

    Love and hugs from VA.

  3. We just love reading about your first moments with your new sister! She is so blessed to have two big brothers and one big sis who love her so much (even when she licks you)!

    Much love from the Williams family in Georgia!
    Brad, Kathie, Olivia (age 13), Ava (age 10), Daniel (age 8), and Brady (age 5)

  4. Allen,
    Maybe you could bring her a lollypop on the next visit...that has to taste better than a tee shirt. Just a thought...
    Keep up the great Big Brother role God has placed you into. Nadia will be watching you for her cues. You will always have a very important impact on her sweet little life.
    The Allens

  5. Allen - you are really doing a great job with Nadia and I know you will be a great example for her for the rest of her life. We are hugging her with you (and we won't even mind the licking). She is so content in your arms and you make a great teacher for clapping. We love you all - have a blast this week with her and get prepared to hold her on the plane too!

  6. Oh, she is so cute with her big brother! The weird thing is that Artiom does the same thing to me! He puts his hands right around my throat.....hmmmm. He loves to clap too, but not lick, instead of licking he has to knock his teeth on EVERYTHING...he thinks he's a beaver. :)

  7. What a blessing to have a new little sister! You are such a great brother.

  8. The first picture is hilarious Allen! Ive seen that face before!! I can tell how much Nadia loves her big brothers!